Providing peace of mind to Connecticut homeowners since 1998

About Us

About Us

Klaus Larsen, LLC is a roofing contractor who has been meeting the needs of Connecticut homeowners since 1998. We offer peace of mind to our clients through expert work at reasonable prices… but our service doesn’t just stop there. We work hard to maintain a clean job site, friendly interaction with the homeowner, and prompt service.

What To Expect

What To Expect

We show up on time.
We protect your property.
We run a professional crew.
We carry all appropriate insurances.
We clean up.
You will be totally satisfied.

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Contact Us

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To Whom It May Concern:

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Klaus Larsen LLC for your roofing project. Here are the highlights of my experience with Klaus:

In August 2010 I began getting quotes for a complete roof replacement, our home still had the original roof (1985) and it was time. Klaus came in with a competitive bid and was able to get on the job within a couple weeks. Additionally, he thought he could complete it in one day, while other contractors were telling me 3-4 days.

In early September, Klaus and his crew showed up, stripped the old roof clean, and installed the new roof, in one day! They did a professional job, the roof looked great, and they did a thorough clean-up of the gutters/yard/driveway. My wife and I were very pleased with the job.

The roof functioned fine throughout the fall, winter, and into the spring. However, about mid-June I began to notice minor water damage on the ceiling of my garage. After a particularly windy thunderstorm, significant staining in the garage ceiling appeared. I called Klaus and he was at my house that afternoon. Upon his inspection, he determined there was a material problem with the new shingles. They could easily be lifted up from the underlying shingle as if they had never bonded to each other. This probably explained the water damage only during windy rain storms.

Klaus took total control of the situation, got the GAF area representative out to the house the next week, and removed multiple chingles for GAF to analyze.

After about 2 weeks the analysis came back, GAF admitted the shingles were “marginally acceptable”, and offered various options for remedying the situation, none of which included replacement. I was more than disappointed with their offer (this was a new 30 year roof), but Klaus reassured me “you are going to get a new roof, I give you my word”.

Sure enough, Klaus took control, twisted some arms and got the approval of GAF for a complete roof strip and replacement. We picked out a new type of GAF shingle, about a week later he had the new roof in place at no cost to us. He even went so far as to rearrange his schedule so they could do the replacement while we were on vacation.

I recommend Klaus with enthusiasm, and given the opportunity would hire him again for future work.


Tom Goulet
Glastonbury, CT

Tom Goulet