Do I Need to Replace My Roof or Can I Have it Repaired?

Thursday, January 21st, 2016 by Michael Feinberg


 Do I Need to Replace My Roof or Can I Have it Repaired - Image 1

When it comes to the question, “Do I Need to Replace My Roof or Can I Have it Repaired?”  there’s one key factor to consider when it comes to making a decision that can mean the difference between a $1200 repair or a $12,000 full-roof replacement. 

How Old is Your Roof?

Old asphalt shingles that need replacement

Here in the Northeast of Connecticut, roofs age in dog years! Well, not quite…but the extreme weather we endure year-in, year-out really puts a beating on our roofs. If you have a 3-tab shingle roof (older style, flat shingles) or an architectural shingle roof over 20 years old, you’re probably going to need to replace your roof if you start to experience leaks, lifting shingles or other issues on your roof. There is no easy way to repair and replace shingles on an older roof, and, in many towns, the 3-tab shingles won’t even meet code, which could be a factor for re-sale, and could affect your ability to renew your homeowner's insurance policy. If your roof is at least 20 years old, it’s probably reaching the end of its life. Replacement is the only way to go. In fact, you should replace it BEFORE you start having trouble. You don’t want to have to pay big bucks for making repairs on the inside of your house too!

Water damage from leaky roof

However, if your roof is 5 years old or less, a qualified roofer should be able to make most repairs, if and when you begin to have problems. Hopefully, the shingle manufacturer still makes the model and color of your shingle, or perhaps you were wise to keep some leftover shingles from your original roof replacement.

That being said, plenty of roofs under 10 years old are routinely replaced well before their time due to shoddy and careless installs by unqualified roofing contractors.

Yes, that is a tree growing out of a roof in the picture below! 

Tree, moss on old roof

Choosing a reputable, highly-rated, and recommended company should be priority-one when considering having your roof examined. Schedule your FREE ESTIMATE today!