Klaus Larsen Donates $15,000 to Klingberg Family Centers

Saturday, October 21st, 2017 by Travis Dahlke

Klaus Larsen Roofing and the Klingberg Family Centers have teamed up for a partnership with the objective of bettering communities in Connecticut. This past August marked Klaus Larsen's first 'Klingberg month,' where for every roof over $10,000, Larsen donated $1,000 to Klingberg. For every roof over $5,000, they donated $500. During an October company celebration, Klaus Larsen presented the grand donations which totaled $15,000.

Through this partnership, Klaus Larsen and the Klingberg Family Centers hope to improve the health of neighborhoods home by home. Additionally, Klaus Larsen is a Gold sponsor of the annual Klingberg carshows. While the Klingberg Family Centers helps the family on the inside of the home, Klaus Larsen helps protect the outside. 


Klaus Larsen Donates 15000 to Klingberg Family Centers - Image 1