Case Studies

Klaus Larsen LLC Case Studies: Full Roof and Solar Ice Panel Installation in Avon, CT

Thursday, May 28th, 2015 by Travis Dahlke


Here was a house in Avon, CT that had thirty year old architectural shingles applied over a pre-existing layer. Like many Connecticut homes during the winter, excessive snow melt on improperly ventilated roofs can make for some nasty ice dams. The frozen buildup on this house was massive, and the homeowner was adamant about never seeing another ice dam again. We knew we needed to take care of this problem once and for all. 



Ice Panels are an exciting innovation from Lamb & Ritchie Company. These are sheets of high grade, rust proof aluminum installed over the front ridge of the roof and fastened at the eave. A tented space in each panel allows the aluminum to expand and contract, which actually cracks the ice and sends it sliding over the drip edge. This slightly protruding edge also eliminates any possible water back up. Furthermore, each panel overlaps with the shingles to form a moisture proof seal. What excites us the most about Ice Panels are that they do not require any extra wiring or electricity to use. They are manufactured out of a material that attracts solar rays which heats the 'dead air.' This Avon home looks quite distinguished with its new panels, and is now equipped to ward off any snow or ice build-up. We also replaced all of the skylights, added new flashing to the chimney and installed a solar fan. This is truly an ice dam proof house.