Case Studies

Klaus Larsen LLC Case Studies: Blow-In Insulation with Roof Replacement in Storrs, CT

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 by Travis Dahlke


It is not uncommon for attics to be hot in the summertime, but the top floor of your house doesn't have to be completely unlivable. A properly ventilated roof will dramatically lower the temperature inside. The owner of this Storrs, Connecticut home, was tired of their attic being like an oven and upon inspection, we found that the old roof was not providing sufficient air intake. During the previous winter, there had been severe ice dams. Ice dams are a tell tale sign of a malfunctioning roofing system. 



After tearing off the old roof, we installed new furring strips underneath the plywood and an intake vent in the gutters. There was also a beautiful field stone chimney, which we flashed so it would not allow any moisture in. The attic, itself, was actually a three foot void which we could not gain access to from inside the home. This was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the blow-in insulation method. We used AttiCat Owens Corning Blow-in Insulation, which we blasted in through the roofline. The expanding PINK Fiberglass is fluffed through a hose extension, which forms tiny air pockets as it travels towards the attic. The material settles in to every crevice, creating a well sealed, moisture-free space. Our final addition was a vent from the gutter to the ridge vent. All of these components work together as a functioning system, yet they are hidden from view under asphat shingles. The owner of this home has since reported that as the temperature rises outside, their upstairs is staying cool!