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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Roof Renovation of 1870s Gingerbread Victorian in Coventry, CT

Thursday, March 17th, 2016 by Travis Dahlke


Driving down Coventry's Main Street, you wouldn't know there is a hill lined with hidden Victorian homes that overlook the rural community. They are quiet monuments to a local history rich with industry. Southern Coventry's town center was once an area populated by factories that manufactured everything from bullets used in WWII, to wool hats. Working on any historic home comes with its own unique sort of challenges. First and foremost, it is vital to preserve the historic integrity of the property, by using materials that correspond visually and quality-wise with the original. There is a whole new set of standards with these types of jobs. This was a Victorian Gingerbread built during the 1870s, in the process of being restored by the owner, who also happened to be the Mansfield Code Enforcement Officer. Several obstacles were evident during our estimate. There were two very bad leaks, one of which was among the most serious we'd ever encountered. A tarp was catching rainwater on the first floor, which was then dripping into an overflowing drum. The greatest overall challenge was working with so many complicated angles, including curved overhangs on the dormers.


A roof is often the first part of a structure's overhaul. Once leaking is stopped, work can begin on the siding as well as interior. During tear off, we removed three layers of bottom cedar. Skip sheathing lay underneath, so everything had to be covered with new plywood. Every piece had to be custom cut, in order to compensate for the more obscure angles, before being nailed directly into the strips. Mule-Hide purpose made flat roofing was installed on the entirety of the front shed roof deck, and everything was sealed up with Owens Corning Slatestone Grey shingles.

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