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Klaus Larsen was voted 1st in Best of Hartford Magazine in the Home Repair and Remodeling category. Over 20,000 people... [Read more]
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The Veterans of Foreign Wars Organization recognized Klaus Larsen Roofing for their continuous veterans outreach and dedication in honoring those... [Read more]
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Roof Repair & Replacement in Windham County, CT

We offer several different roofing installations that are sure to meet your family’s needs. We use quality materials that can withstand tough conditions and provide durability. One of our contractors can talk you through the best roofing option that is affordable and fitting for your home.

Klaus Larsen has over 15 years of experience in roof repair and roof replacement and is constantly working on the assurance of the most important part of your home, your roof. Let our technicians help you today before it’s too late.

Whether it be rotting wood under the shingles, snow piling up and weighing down the roof or you simply want a new look to your home, we specialize in it all!

Roof Inspection and Roof Repair in  Windham County, CT

Happy to serve the South Windsor area, Klaus Larsen LLC will send an expert roofing contractor out to you for any roofing service you may need.

Roofing Services:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair & Maintenance
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation
  • Energy Efficient Shingles
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Hail Damage

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Job Stories From Windham County, CT
Leaky Culprit: Chimney Flashing in East Hampton, CT

This East Hampton, CT house was experiencing leaking during heavy downpours. During our estimate, we found that it was attributed to worn flashing around the chimney, which was letting in moisture. During a roof replacement, we inspect and seal every crevice so that your roof will perform how it's supposed to.

Leaky Culprit: Chimney Flashing in East Hampton, CT  - Photo 1
Roof Repair and Replacement in Chaplin, CT

This project in Chaplin, CT involved two attached log cabins. One had a roof that was pushing 25 years, while the other was replaced in 2002, but was leaking pretty badly. The new roof was completed in OC True Def Duration Desert Tan shingles, which were installed on top of Ice & Water shield, new decking and a synthetic underlayment. The chimney was flashed with copper.

Roof Repair and Replacement in Chaplin, CT - Photo 1Roof Repair and Replacement in Chaplin, CT - Photo 2Roof Repair and Replacement in Chaplin, CT - Photo 3Roof Repair and Replacement in Chaplin, CT - Photo 4
Leaking Vent & Roof Repair in Dayville, CT

Not all leaky roofs are irreparable. Most have reached an age where a full replacement is necessary, whereas others have problem spots that can be rectified with a well planned repair. This home in Dayville was getting close to needing a full replacement, however we concluded that a patch repair would be a cost efficient, and appropriate solution. The leak here was concentrated around a bathroom vent, whereas the rest of the roof was completely operational. We also discovered that there was some plywood around the vent that was black and spongey.

First we removed 100 sq. ft. of shingles from the area around the bathroom vent hoot. Klaus Larsen replaced the delaminated plywood decking and incorporated Ice & Water shield with an underlayment. For the outermost layer, we used Duration shingles from Owens Corning. This repair came out excellently, and the leak has been stopped.

Leaking Vent & Roof Repair in Dayville, CT - Photo 1Leaking Vent & Roof Repair in Dayville, CT - Photo 2
Small Roof Replacement and Repair in South Windham, CT

This is what is called a “coachman's house,” located behind a large Victorian home in South Windham, CT. These smaller structures were known to house caretakers, and make for a perfect, roomy garage after renovations. For this job we tore off one layer of the old slate roof, and replaced it with an Onyx Black asphalt Owens Corning Roofing System. We also repaired the front trim, and used primed pine and crown moulding to match the existing profile as closely as possible. Maintaining historic integrity, while providing the right protection is absolutely essential on these types of projects.

Small Roof Replacement and Repair in South Windham, CT - Photo 1Small Roof Replacement and Repair in South Windham, CT - Photo 2Small Roof Replacement and Repair in South Windham, CT - Photo 3Small Roof Replacement and Repair in South Windham, CT - Photo 4
Free Roofing Estimate in North Windham, CT

This home had 2 layers, with some bad leaking, as evident in the wood of the attic. There was also a lack of ventilation, which was not helping the condensation and moisture issues here. We installed a full Owens Corning Roofing System with Duration Driftwood shingles to totally alleviate the leaking. Included in this system was a SmartVent along the eaves, garage and main house. New vent pipe boots and chimney flashing also ensure no moisture penetration in these smaller, less visible areas. All work was done in a day, and the property was left fully cleaned up.  

Free Roofing Estimate in North Windham, CT - Photo 1Free Roofing Estimate in North Windham, CT - Photo 2
New Plywood and Roof Replacement in Chaplin, CT

Many times we come across homes that were built in the 40's and 50's that don't have any plywood under the shingles. Back then, builders would use thick boards called Tongue and Groove Boards for the roof deck. However, these boards can be a problem if there are wide gaps in between each of them. Wide gaps cause roof nails to poke through and hang in mid-air. If the nails are not secured to the deck, then the shingles can fall off or allow water penetrations. So we installed a new 1/2" CDX plywood deck over the existing Tongue and Groove boards. Now that the Owens Corning shingles are installed, the owners can enjoy a 50-year roof they know is firmly installed and looks great. (color: Quarry Gray)

New Plywood and Roof Replacement in Chaplin, CT - Photo 1New Plywood and Roof Replacement in Chaplin, CT - Photo 2New Plywood and Roof Replacement in Chaplin, CT - Photo 3New Plywood and Roof Replacement in Chaplin, CT - Photo 4New Plywood and Roof Replacement in Chaplin, CT - Photo 5
Large Garage Roof Replacement in Plainfield, CT

This large garage in Plainfield had a 29-year-old roof, far beyond a three-tap roof’s normal lifespan. The owner was well aware of the fact and decided to replace the roof right away. Several contractors came out to look at the job and the owner chose Klaus Larsen to replace the roof. We first tore off the roof and inspected the plywood. Many times there is rotten plywood underneath that needs to be replaced. However, at this job, all the plywood was in good condition. We always install 9 feet of Ice & Water barrier and cover any additional exposed plywood with Synthetic ProArmor Underlayment. To finish it off, the owner chose Onyx Black Duration Shingles for the roof. Garages may be a lower priority for most homeowners but even garages need new roofs.

Large Garage Roof Replacement in Plainfield, CT - Photo 1
Roof Replacement in Rural Ashford, CT

Surrounded by trees and down a quiet road was this home in Ashford. The house itself had an old roof that needed new bathroom vents and a ridge vent. The owner wanted the job to be thoroughly cleaned up afterward. Our crews showed up early in the morning and got to work. When our crews install a roof, there is a system in place. Owens Corning had a system of layers that protect the roof. First, the Ice & Water barrier protects the roof from Ice dams. Then the ProArmor Underlayment protects the plywood from water but still is breathable so moisture can evaporate. Finally, the 50-year Duration shingles go on with purpose made ridge vent and cap shingles. Last but not least, the entire area was cleaned up and the owner only found two nails on their property. The owner was very impressed at the crew’s efficiency and now enjoys a roof that will last a lifetime.

Roof Replacement in Rural Ashford, CT - Photo 1
Snow & Ice Damage on Roof in Canterbury, CT

Living in the North East, ice dams are one of the most common reasons we are called out to look at a roof. This home in Canterbury had thick ice dams that were causing leaks in their home. What can be done to prevent ice dams and what can be done to prevent ice dam leaks? 

When we replace a roof we install two products that specifically protect your home from ice dams: Ice & Water barrier and Ventilation products. If the roof is old, we always tear off the old roof before putting a new layer down. This allows us to replace any rotten plywood and install Ice & Water barrier. We lay 9 feet of Ice & Water up from the bottom edge of the roof. The Ice and Water barrier sticks directly to the plywood and protects the wood and ceiling from water that is kept on the roof by ice dams. Next, we install ProArmor synthetic underlayment and Owens Corning Duration shingles. However, we do not just want to stop ice dam leaks, we also want to reduce the chance of ice dams.

First, What causes ice dams? Ice dams are caused by the warm air in your house that rises and passes through the roof. It heats the roof up and melts snow and ice that is sitting on the top. The water then slides down the roof until it reaches the edge where there is no heat. It will then refreeze and build up and build up forming and ice dam. If we make the attic closer to the same temperature as the outdoors, then the home will be less likely to get ice dams. We do this by improving the ventilation. This brings in cold air from the outside and take the warm air out of the attic. Now that the attic is cold, the snow on the roof won’t start melting and forming ice dams. At this particular home we installed a solar attic fan to regulate the temperature in the attic. It tracks the temperature of the attic and will turn on if the attic gets too hot. Now that we have installed protection and ventilation the owners can relax and no longer worry about ice dam leaks.




Snow & Ice Damage on Roof in Canterbury, CT - Photo 1
Roof Replacement for House + Car Garage in 2 Days!

In December of 2016, the owner of this home called us out to look at a property he managed. It was a large old farmhouse with an 3 car garage attached by a long breezeway. Altogether there were more than 5,000 square feet of shingles that needed to be replaced. Also, the shingles did not match each other because the roofs were not all replaced at the same time originally. When we inspected the home, our sales consultant checked the plywood and found tongue and groove boards with large gaps. The problem with large gaps between the boards is that nails from the new shingles would not be anchored to any wood and therefore void our warranty and cause shingles to fall off. So when we came to start the project, we covered the old boards with new 1/2' plywood. Then we installed nine feet of ice and water barrier. We then nailed down Synthetic underlayment above the nine feet of Ice and Water Guard to completely protect the plywood. Finally, we nailed down the Owens Corning Duration shingles. The entire roof is now the same color and designed to last for decades!

Roof Replacement for House + Car Garage in 2 Days! - Photo 1
Partial Roof Replacement on the Central Assembly of God in Wauregan, CT

A Pastor from the Central Assembly of God in Wauregan, CT contacted Klaus Larsen because the fascia was leaking. The fascia is the wooden board or other flat material that covers the end of rafters. To solve the problem, the damaged plywood was replaced. Three rows of Owens Corning Weatherlock G Ice & Water shield was installed to prevent moisture from entering the interior. White, aluminum drip edge/rake was installed the entire outside perimeter of the building. CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles were used to match the roof slopes. Each of the materials used were high grade and guaranteed to keep unwanted moisture from damaging the roof in its entirety.

Partial Roof Replacement on the Central Assembly of God in Wauregan, CT - Photo 1
Roof Replacement in Woodstock, CT

Al P. of Woodstock, CT was in need of a new roof. As many responsible homeowners do, he was shopping around and getting quotes from multiple sources. Upon meeting with Klaus Larsen Roofing, he found credibility in our work at an affordable price and decided to go ahead with the job. 

To start the process, we removed and replaced all existing roofing materials. We installed the IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles in the color Dual Brown. This house now has a safe, secure & affordable roof on it and the homeowners could not be happier. We are honored to help them out, and encourage any homeowner looking for a roof replacement to reach out to us today for a free roofing estimate!

Contact us today to learn how to Put a Klaus on Your House!

Old Roof With Signs of Leaking Replaced in Scotland, Connecticut

This single family home in Scotland, CT was facing a few on-going issues. They had an older roof with signs of wear and tear. With the roof being over twenty years old and having a few issues, there were signs of moisture in the attic, largely due to the improper ventilation in the attic. Klaus Larsen Roofing took it upon themselves to help this homeowner. We tore off the existing roofing materials, replaced all sheets of plywood decking that was damaged and installed an ice & water barrier to protect against water penetration. We installed a Klaus Larsen Roofing System with IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles in the color Dual Grey. We were sure to install a ridge vent to the roof to keep consistent attic ventilation.  We finished by removing the existing chimney flashing and replacing it with brand new lead flashing. This house is now safe and secure thanks to Klaus Larsen Roofing!

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