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Testimonials for Klaus Larsen LLC

I called Klaus based on his reviews from a friend as well as from Angies List. I had a few bids and Klaus was the best value. They showed up on time and were all gone and cleaned up by two o'clock. 
James A. of Meriden, CT
Tuesday, September 8th
My husband and I realized that we needed to have our roof redone. I got a recommendation of a roofing company from a friend. I called that company, and the gentleman I spoke to said he would be out that afternoon to give us an estimate. We waited all day, but he never showed up. As a matter of fact, he never even bothered to call us to tell us that he wasn't coming. Some time later I was watching television very early in the morning, and there was an advertisement for Klaus Larsen Roofing. Once I saw this advertisement I immediately got a good feeling about this company. I called the number right away. I didn't expect anyone to be in the office that early, yet someone picked up the phone – a very nice lady who took all our information. And sure enough, later on that morning, Head of Sales called us up and made an appointment to come out to the house, examine the roof and give us an estimate. And this man did show up, on time. With the roof that we had, the house was basically all redone about 25 years ago, and it was already falling apart. So when we decided to get a new roof, the fact that this one was guaranteed for fifty years certainly looked nice after the first one didn't make it. They got the whole thing done in one day, which totally blew my mind, considering all of the square footage we were dealing with. But they got here right in the morning, just went after it, and knocked it out in a day. They put in the new skylights...which are very nice. They were absolutely pleasant to work with. It was actually an amazing performance. We just kind of sat and watched it, it was great. The cleanup was fantastic. They were in and out of here in one day and you couldn't even tell they had been here and done this huge job. Everything was immaculate when they left.  
Pam & Richard A. of Killingworth, CT
Tuesday, June 7th
I was extremely impressed with the comprehensive presentation that allowed me to make an informed decision, and with the warranties offered.I am very happy with the results and the fact that the entire work was completed in only six hours.
Joseph E. of Glastonbury, CT
Tuesday, September 8th
We had our new roof installed by Klaus Larsen in early 2016. We were very pleased with the job they did until we had a leak that started in early 2017. You employee, John Schultz came and identified the problem and readily took care of it. He built a Cricket on the back of the chimney and took pictures of the cap on the chimney. The cap was very cracked and in need of repair. John contacted a mason to do the repair after which time he put stainless steel caps on the flues. John then returned to repair the leak in the kitchen ceiling. You are very fortunate to have someone like John working for you. He went above and beyond to assure our problem was taken care of. I would highly recommend your Company to anyone who is in need of a new roof. Thank you for providing such a high standard of care.
Lenny W. of Groton, CT
Sunday, December 31st
Klaus came recommended from other friends and locals. With any improvements we wanted to do it once and we wanted to do it right. Your crew was large, so you did it in one day, which was unbelievable. It was a quick turnaround with the quality. 
Courtney L. of Columbia, CT
Wednesday, August 19th
In the winter time, when it's cold you get brittle shingles and everything. You proved me wrong because they did a fantastic job and your guys were here on time. It was bitter cold but that didn't bother them. They didn't holler, they didn't boo, they didn't say “ah' shoot – I gotta get into this weather to earn a living?” But they were good, they took care of all my needs to make sure I was comfortable. They did a great job. If you're looking for a roof, Klaus Larsen's the one to go to. My wife appreciated it, she was comfortable with everything. And if she's comfortable then you know you've done something right.    
Walter R. of Pawcatuck, CT
Wednesday, April 1st
Rarely have I taken the time to write a formal letter such as this regarding my interaction with an employee of any business; however, I am taking the time because I was extremely impressed by the professionalism, knowledge, respect, courtesy, customer care, and dedication I received from Maxwell Melillo. He gave of himself and his time most generously. He was very thorough and addressed all of my concerns and answered all my questions explaining as needed. His roofing presentation was superb—and he physically inspected my roof. Previously, I had received quotes from several other companies. This was the first time that a company representative conducted themselves in such a professional and thorough manner as Mr. Melillo. Additionally, he physically went onto my roof to look for issues and concerns. The other companies I had contacted, if they even took the time and effort to go up on the roof, it was only to take quick measurements. I can honestly say it was truly a pleasure to have met him and spent time going over my roofing needs. In my opinion, Maxwell Melillo not only represents your company in an outstanding fashion but, he is the complete package and, I am thankful he was my sales consultant. He is a valuable asset to your organization. In this day and age, sadly, it is rare to find individuals who are not only knowledgeable and professional but, who cares about their employer and their customers’ needs. Mr. Melillo is one such man. I believe he will continue to deliver outstanding service to both you as well as your company’s customers. It is people like this that should be recognized for their efforts. It is for this reason that I am taking the time to write this.    
Elizabeth R. of Kensington, CT
Sunday, August 9th
Everything from start to finish was very well done. They were humble, and not pushy, and had a good presentation.
Barbara D. of New Britain, CT
Thursday, December 29th
I was very happy with the professionalism demonstrated by the Klaus Larsen LLC team from start to finish. Also, as an employee of a non-profit agency serving children and families, Klingberg Family Centers, I was pleased to later learn of the charitable efforts and events that Klaus Larsen's company is planning. That is the type of company I want to promote...a company that exhibits integrity.
Barbara D. of New Britain, CT
Sunday, August 28th
I never had a roof done before. I appreciated that their approach was so holistic. They did not work off of my own ignorance about roofing work. They explained what needed to happen. My house was built in 1957 and had tongue groove roofing. Over time, the tongue groove roofing had separated so they put some plywood on it. This was a simple thing but I liked that they gave me a full understanding of the cost and the work that they were doing. I really looked at the long term value of the work that they were doing. They did not want to just get paid. They wanted to make sure that their work had a long term value.
Burton J. of Wethersfield , CT
Tuesday, January 26th
Dear Mr. Larsen: I wanted to reach out and commend you on your company's contributions to local veterans through the Santa Klaus Project. You have made a difference in the lives of numerous veterans and have likely inspired you employees and community members to give back to those who risked everything to keep our country safe. it is an honor to represent you and all of our veterans in the United States Senate Every Best Wish, Christopher S. Murphy  United states Senator
Christopher M. of Hartford, CT
Friday, December 23rd
I am very happy with the work done by Klaus Larsen LLC. They were not the least expensive contractor that showed up at my house, but they used better quality materials and did some extra work for me installing soffet vents for my bathroom exhausts. Overall, I couldn't have been more pleased with the company or the job they did. The installers showed up as I was leaving for work and were done, including cleanup, before I got home. I think the company in general from the first sales visit to the production manager coming by to help install the soffet vents, were professional and helpful.
Jeff T. of Windsor Locks, CT
Tuesday, July 12th
Testimonial Photo by John D.
I was very, very pleased with the work, as well as his response to my emergency call. They put a roof on in the middle of a cold, snowy February when no one else would. I've recommended Klaus to several people and he recently did another roof in my neighborhood. I'm very satisfied. 
John D. of Hebron, CT
Monday, May 18th
Testimonial Photo by Bill B.
The dreaded words for any homeowner, "roof replacement". Contacted several contractors for quotes and recommendations. Krause Larsen was not the "cheapest", however, I was impressed with the knowledge and integrity of the company, starting with the estimator/salesperson. Quality products from a truly professional organization. I highly recommend Krause Larsen, and I may be contacting them next year for other work on my home. They earned my Five Star rating. Knowledge, integrity, professionalism displayed throughout.
Bill B. of Groton, CT
Saturday, December 31st
We're really happy with the service and the follow-up repair that was needed for the siding. We only found a couple of nails and we're really happy with the roof. (This attached photo is the roof prior to a replacement.)
Cal M. of Willimantic, CT
Tuesday, December 20th
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