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I believe Klaus would do a good job for everybody. He completes his job as he is contracted, he has a great team of people that do professional work, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Klaus. The people that Klaus has on his team are professional, they are very skilled, and are able to handle unique situations. With my house on a lake, I was concerned about weather, and they came up with some unique solutions that other contractors did not come up with.
Steve K. of Morris, CT
Wednesday, September 28th
I called Klaus based on his reviews from a friend as well as from Angies List. I had a few bids and Klaus was the best value. They showed up on time and were all gone and cleaned up by two o'clock. 
James A. of Meriden, CT
Tuesday, September 8th
My husband and I realized that we needed to have our roof redone. I got a recommendation of a roofing company from a friend. I called that company, and the gentleman I spoke to said he would be out that afternoon to give us an estimate. We waited all day, but he never showed up. As a matter of fact, he never even bothered to call us to tell us that he wasn't coming. Some time later I was watching television very early in the morning, and there was an advertisement for Klaus Larsen Roofing. Once I saw this advertisement I immediately got a good feeling about this company. I called the number right away. I didn't expect anyone to be in the office that early, yet someone picked up the phone – a very nice lady who took all our information. And sure enough, later on that morning, Head of Sales called us up and made an appointment to come out to the house, examine the roof and give us an estimate. And this man did show up, on time. With the roof that we had, the house was basically all redone about 25 years ago, and it was already falling apart. So when we decided to get a new roof, the fact that this one was guaranteed for fifty years certainly looked nice after the first one didn't make it. They got the whole thing done in one day, which totally blew my mind, considering all of the square footage we were dealing with. But they got here right in the morning, just went after it, and knocked it out in a day. They put in the new skylights...which are very nice. They were absolutely pleasant to work with. It was actually an amazing performance. We just kind of sat and watched it, it was great. The cleanup was fantastic. They were in and out of here in one day and you couldn't even tell they had been here and done this huge job. Everything was immaculate when they left.  
Pam & Richard A. of Killingworth, CT
Tuesday, June 7th
I was extremely impressed with the comprehensive presentation that allowed me to make an informed decision, and with the warranties offered.I am very happy with the results and the fact that the entire work was completed in only six hours.
Joseph E. of Glastonbury, CT
Tuesday, September 8th
It’s always exciting to hear feedback from our past customers - this testimonial comes from New London, CT. We first worked with the Doughtys when they were replacing the roof on a house they were putting on the market. When the roof on their new home needed repair, they called us. Our business is built on a record of outstanding customer service and quality workmanship, which is why we are an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. We are here for you during the estimate, the construction process and beyond.
Mr. and Mrs. D. of New London, CT
The Google search provided good reviews and they gave us a fantastic price. They came on time, good price, and quality of work.
Donald T. of Montville, CT
Saturday, December 31st
We had our new roof installed by Klaus Larsen in early 2016. We were very pleased with the job they did until we had a leak that started in early 2017. You employee, John Schultz came and identified the problem and readily took care of it. He built a Cricket on the back of the chimney and took pictures of the cap on the chimney. The cap was very cracked and in need of repair. John contacted a mason to do the repair after which time he put stainless steel caps on the flues. John then returned to repair the leak in the kitchen ceiling. You are very fortunate to have someone like John working for you. He went above and beyond to assure our problem was taken care of. I would highly recommend your Company to anyone who is in need of a new roof. Thank you for providing such a high standard of care.
Lenny W. of Groton, CT
Sunday, December 31st
Klaus came recommended from other friends and locals. With any improvements we wanted to do it once and we wanted to do it right. Your crew was large, so you did it in one day, which was unbelievable. It was a quick turnaround with the quality. 
Courtney L. of Columbia, CT
Wednesday, August 19th
In the winter time, when it's cold you get brittle shingles and everything. You proved me wrong because they did a fantastic job and your guys were here on time. It was bitter cold but that didn't bother them. They didn't holler, they didn't boo, they didn't say “ah' shoot – I gotta get into this weather to earn a living?” But they were good, they took care of all my needs to make sure I was comfortable. They did a great job. If you're looking for a roof, Klaus Larsen's the one to go to. My wife appreciated it, she was comfortable with everything. And if she's comfortable then you know you've done something right.    
Walter R. of Pawcatuck, CT
Wednesday, April 1st
Dear Klaus,  All too often people only write to a company (or post online) to complain. But I just wanted to send you and your entire team a "Thanks and Job Well Done"! The excellent service that your company provided was in such stark contrast to the chimney company that I choose (total disaster) - I can't even begin to tell you. From the beginning of the process Steve Ohlund was very professional and knowledgeable, and followed up in a very timely manner to my many questions and concerns. He made me feel very comfortable in the process and was not overbearing or pushy at all (a common trait you do see during in-home presentations). He knows he has a great product and great people behind him, and that was very evident with the way he conducted his presentation and follow up. (Just an FYI - you weren't the cheapest in price, but you were very competitive, and the best in terms of value). The next step was working with Audrey and she was a true joy to work with. She was in constant communication and updated me throughout the entire process and was always a step ahead of my questions. She was always able to be reached, and was very friendly, courteous, and helpful. When the actual work began, I was at a national meeting in NYC, but my wife was extremely impressed with how hard everyone was working, and for how long each day they were here. We recently had our first child, and I was never more at ease with them being the only ones here. My son was actually able to sleep during the work too, so they get high marks on the noise level, or lack there of. The actual workers that were here, were professional, courteous, and incredibly hard-working. (Not to mention they were here working during the week that had the actual worst humidity and heat this summer.) In addition the foreman and a worker came here on a Friday night to make sure my chimney wouldn't leak (because it was supposed to rain that weekend), while I was still waiting for that chimney company to come back and fix their horrible work. The fact that they were even thinking of my house on a friday night, when they weren't even here that day, made me realize that your company is truly top-notch. The outside of our house was left in great condition, and I never found one nail in the grass. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to anyone, and I would always be a referral if you need one. If money wasn't so tight right now, I would have your siding team here if they operated the same way your roofers do - that's just how good of a job they did. If we are ever able to have that done in the future, your company will be the first one I call. I just wanted to let you know you have an incredible team. Thanks!  P.S. - I was outside mowing the lawn this weekend, and was just so incredibly happy when I was looking at the roof.  
Brian S. of Shelton, CT
Tuesday, August 30th
The workers did an awesome job. Audrey Clark was very helpful.
Brian S. of Shelton, CT
Saturday, October 29th
After reviewing the various quotes I received, I thought that Klaus Larsen would be able to do the best job and I was confident he would be able to complete it as originally quoted. The Platinum Warranty was somewhat of a consideration, but it was more important to me to be able to transfer the warranty if I chose to move, so the new homeowner would have that same warranty. I believe Klaus would do a good job for everybody. He completes his job as he is contracted, and he has a great team of people who do professional work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Klaus.  
Steve K. of Morris, CT
Thursday, October 6th
Testimonial Photo by William  W.
Removed old roof and installed new roof with a 50 year warranty. Installed new gutters, and two new solar skylights. Complete cleanup afterward. Job done all in one day with minimal disruption. They were very punctual, responsive, and thorough. Came back three weeks after job was done when snow pack melted, to finish cleanup (nails and such).
William W. of Prospect , CT
Thursday, July 23rd
They were very professional and good communication always. I could not have asked for any more. I would recommend them to all my friends and relatives. I was most satisfied with the workmanship, professionalism and communication.
Sandy B. of New Haven, CT
Saturday, December 31st
Klaus and crew - You are the most amazing, generous, and giving group of people I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. Thank you so much for the happiness you have brought to me and my family! Our new roof is safe, beautiful, and of quality work! The official Welcome Home celebration you gave us went excellent, everyone had a good time. Thanks again.
Melody & Dave C. of Cheshire, CT
Friday, October 7th
I would recommend you guys. You did a great job and I was very pleased. 
Howard H. of Plantsville, CT
Friday, October 14th
I liked how everything was done, especially the cleanliness. 
Bob Z. of Torrington, CT
Monday, February 13th
Jeremy arrived right on time and went right to work in a very professional manner.  When he had completed the inspection and caulking we had a delightful chat during which I asked him for his thoughts on the condition of our roof.  He said it was in good shape for its age and I had a couple of more years with it.  I asked him if he could send me a quote on replacing it as we like to be proactive in these areas.  Much to my surprise he sat in his car and printed me out a formal quotation and explained the entire replacement process to me.  You can usually tell the quality of a company by the quality of its representative and his presentation.  Let me tell you Jeremy is a fine representative who represents a terrific company.  I have since researched his company additionally and I am thoroughly convinced that they will be a great company to work with and I can assure you they will be at the top of my list when it comes to roof replacement time.  If you try them I am sure you will agree.
Robert S. of Southington, CT
Monday, April 14th
Fantastic, from start to finish!
Scott B. of Southington, CT
Sunday, November 20th
Everyone I dealt with was professional and very friendly and helpful.
Gretchen C. of Bristol, CT
Saturday, December 31st
I had the great pleasure of meeting Jeremy Minter for an evaluation of the owner's roof.  My client is the person who contacted you for this evaluation.  Jeremy is a wonderful ambassador for your company.  He is very professional & efficient. Very knowledgeable and knows how to interact with the client so that client fear is nonexistent.  I know that my client felt the same way.
Mary C. of Bristol, CT
Saturday, December 31st
Inspected roof took pictures explained problem supplied estimate for repair.  Well done professional pleasant service man.
Mary B. of Berlin, CT
Wednesday, April 2nd
I was satisfied with their quality, service, cleanliness, timeliness, and professionalism.
Thomas M. of Berlin, CT
Wednesday, April 20th
Testimonial Photo by Norm
I have to say this roofing crew is an amazing bunch. They finished the roof in one day, worked steady and hard, and only took one break that I saw. It is very rare to see anybody work that hard these days. Tell Klaus I am totally impressed. He is lucky to have these guys.  
Norm of New Hartford, CT
Tuesday, June 23rd
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