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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Contractor serving Glastonbury, Wethersfield & CT

Roof Replacement

Klaus Larsen LLC is an A+ BBB Rated, licensed and award winning contractor that excels in roof replacement, siding installation, gutter and many other types of work.

At Klaus Larsen LLC we offer many high quality and affordable roof replacement styles and options. Make sure to view our very satisfied customers in your local neighborhood by viewing our before and after pictures and customer reviews below.

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Customer Reviews

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By Lathe P. from Bethel, CT

Signs that you may need a roof replacement

Just because your roof isn't working doesn't mean that it will always exhibit the same signs as your neighbor's roof. Different roofs wear in different ways, and the material its made out of plays a part in the kind of damage it can sustain. There are several telltale roofing problem signs to look out for, and some or all may apply to your roof. 

A few of these are common sense. If your roof is very old and past warranty, or if your roof is leaking or even allowing sunlight through cracks, you're probably in need of a roofing professional. Other signs include damaged or missing shingles or tiles. Damaged flashing is another good indicator of a roof's condition, but a roofing professional like Klaus Larsen LLC is more likely to spot this than a homeowner.

Recent Testimonials
  • "I liked how everything was done, especially the cleanliness." Read Full Testimonial

    Bob Z. of Torrington, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I liked how everything was done, especially the cleanliness.
    Bob Z.
    Torrington, CT
  • "I had the great pleasure of meeting Jeremy Minter for an evaluation of the owner's roof. My client is the..." Read Full Testimonial

    Mary C. of Bristol, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I had the great pleasure of meeting Jeremy Minter for an evaluation of the owner's roof. My client is the person who contacted you for this evaluation. Jeremy is a wonderful ambassador for your company. He is very professional & efficient. Very knowledgeable and knows how to interact with the client so that client fear is nonexistent. I know that my client felt the same way.
    Mary C.
    Bristol, CT
  • "I had a few bids and Klaus was the best value." Read Full Testimonial

    James A. of Meriden, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I called Klaus based on his reviews from a friend as well as from Angies List. I had a few bids and Klaus was the best value. They showed up on time and were all gone and cleaned up by two o'clock.
    James A.
    Meriden, CT
  • "Everything from start to finish was very well done. They were humble, and not pushy, and had a good..." Read Full Testimonial

    Barbara D. of New Britain, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Everything from start to finish was very well done. They were humble, and not pushy, and had a good presentation.
    Barbara D.
    New Britain, CT
  • "Klaus Larsen had experience in the field and showed us videos of the work he has done." Read Full Testimonial

    Marcy M. of New Britain, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Klaus Larsen had experience in the field and showed us videos of the work he has done. There was friendliness in all of the staff. Thank you for your services.
    Marcy M.
    New Britain, CT
  • "I would not hesitate to recommend Klaus Larsen and his crew to anybody in need of a roof, they are a pleasure..." Read Full Testimonial

    Kurtis S. of Middletown, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              This review is for a roof replacement completed in July 2013. I had forgotten to submit it and left it in the draft folder by mistake. We received an original quote for a roof replacement from Klaus Larsen in 2012 when we first started looking into replacing the roof. They were able to use that same quote for this work which made a really nice price savings over the four other quotes we received. The business manager (Jeremy) arrived on July 12, 2013 for contract signing and told us that they could begin work the following Tuesday. The original contract including a new ridge vent only covering the ridge over the breezeway between the house and garage. We asked if it would be possible to add the same ridge vent to the main house as well so we could plug up the gable vents on the sides. This was added to the contract on the spot and did not impact the timing of the work at all. The contract was signed and we provided a $500 down payment. Our house is a dormered cape with 45% pitch on the front. The entire crew was outfitted with safety harnesses while they worked on the roof and they were very conscious of maintaining a safe work environment throughout the job. The crew of six arrived right on time (7:00 AM) on Tuesday July 16th along with Klaus and got started immediately. All of the materials they needed arrived shortly thereafter. At this point we provided an additional payment covering 50% of the total cost. The old roof was stripped off in less than two hours. By 1:30 in the afternoon they had installed the drip edges, attached the ice barrier and underlayment and brought the new shingles to the top of the roof. Because of the brutal heat they left at about 2:00 but not before cleaning everything around the yard to the point that I would allow the kids to play outside. They were all back at 7:00 the next morning and again got to work right away installing the shingles and ridge venting. By 2:30 they were finished and gone. They left the breezeway and garage cleaner than we had it when they arrived and since the work was done we have not found a single nail or even an old piece of shingle. A couple of days later the business manager arrived to do a walk around making sure that everything was complete and the work was satisfactory. Here we provided payment to cover the rest of the contract. There were absolutely no hidden fees or extra expenses. Everybody on the crew was very polite, hardworking and made less noise than my kids do on a regular basis. I would not hesitate to recommend Klaus Larsen and his crew to anybody in need of a roof, they are a pleasure to work with. I would strongly encourage people needing a roof to a least bring them in for a quote to see how they measure up. They provided us with valuable information about what was involved with a roof replacement and the options available to us.
    Kurtis S.
    Middletown, CT
  • "They were very easy to work with." Read Full Testimonial

    Emery S. of Avon, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I was very pleased with the roof and it was a professional job. Things went as expected and they were very easy to work with.
    Emery S.
    Avon, CT
  • "The crew was fantastic." Read Full Testimonial

    Dwayne W. of Avon , CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I was most satisfied with the speed, and clean up. The crew was fantastic.
    Dwayne W.
    Avon , CT
  • "Klaus is a consumate roofing professional whose attention to detail is unequal. The roofing work was done to..." Read Full Testimonial

    Barbara B. of West Hartford, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Klaus is a consumate roofing professional whose attention to detail is unequal. He recommended a particular color shingle which complemented the color of the house extremely well. Our house is a ranch with an unusually large surface area. The job required removal of asphalt and wood shake shingles. The entire roof needed to be decked with plywood. The shingle removal resulted in significant amount of debris falling into the attic. Klaus appropriately advised us to consolidate remaining items in attic and garage and cover with plastic. He and his crew scupulously removed all remaining debris from these areas. The roofing work was done to exacting standards. Because of the size of the job, the manufacturer of the shingles that was responsible for the guarantee, sent special overseers to inspect the work. The job also included two solar exhaust fans and replacement of three skylights in the kitchen. The roof installation and the extras were all executed with great precision. Klaus' exceptional warm personality and knowledge inspired our confidence and trust. We authorized him to have fully access to our home while we were out of town so the job could be completed with minimum disruption to our lives. Not only was the house left in ideal condition, he even watered our plants. We would highly recommend him for precision roof work. Since the roof cost was a great expense, we were able to use a combination of check, and credit card for payment which was extrememly helpful.
    Barbara B.
    West Hartford, CT
  • "Klaus was patient and professional in providing me with further information to my many questions about..." Read Full Testimonial

    Betty S. of West Hartford, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Before we signed with Klaus to install our roof, we did a lot of research. His bid was clear and provided the most detailed, specific information than any of the 4 other written bids we received. It allowed us to be knowledgable and ask good questions of the other bidders to ensure that the bids we received were on comparable work. For example, most bids included lead flashing, while other bids included copper flashing. There is a big price difference and we were able to discuss with Klaus the pros and cons of using copper to decide if we wanted to incur the cost (we didn't). Klaus was patient and professional in providing me with further information to my many questions about aspects of the bid such as attic venting and the type of fan to use. This allowed me to make an informed decision. He also helped us connect with a mason with an issue about our chimneys that clearly needed repair prior to the commencement of the roof replacement. His work crew was extrememly hard working. They put in long days and completed the entire job in three days. They were respectful of our property - protecting all the shrubs around the house. They were meticulous in their clean-up. Klaus himself was on the job, not every minute, but enough to be overseeing the work on a consistent basis. He was up on the roof with his team both supervising and helping complete some of the work himself. Our home looks beautiful with the beautiful new roof Klaus' assistant helped me pick. This weekend a neighbor stopped by who was watching our roof being installed as he drove by the house and saw the completed work. He was so impressed that he wanted to find out more about Klaus. Needless to say, I recommended Klaus highly.
    Betty S.
    West Hartford, CT
  • "I'm very impressed with the people that did the work." Read Full Testimonial

    Raymond J. of West Hartford, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Klaus Larsen did my roof and fixed my gutters. He stripped the roof off, removed all the shingles, replaced the plywood, and added support to the roof from the attic. He's great. He was on time. All the work was done right. I'm very impressed with the people that did the work.
    Raymond J.
    West Hartford, CT
  • "Amazing! These guys are fantastic and I would highly recommend to everyone." Read Full Testimonial

    Amanda D. of West Hartford, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Amazing! These guys are fantastic and I would highly recommend to everyone. I needed a new roof - including rip off of 3 layers, all new wood deck, and ventilation. I did my homework and met with more roofers than you could imagine before choosing Klaus Larsen. After doing my own research and talking with the town inspectors on what was needed to properly install a roof with ventilation on my house (I have a difficult roof high, steep, original cedar shake, finished attic, no ventilation, etc.). I was amazed to find how many roofers didn't really know their stuff - and were very pricy. Jeremy came out to the house and was able to talk to me about my roof needs knowledgably (finally!) and blew the others out of the water. He knew his stuff and was even able to discuss different options with me, working with me to determine the best roofing solution for my house. He didn't try to sell me more of a roof than I needed and listened to the issues that needed to be addressed. Klaus Larsen used better quality products than others I met with, were able to do the job in less than half the time and they were more responsive than any other roofing contractor I dealt with. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than this, Jeremy gave me an estimate same day and they were less expensive. Yes, less expensive! I couldn't believe it. My roof was scheduled within two weeks. The crew showed up on time (or even a little early) and got straight to work. The professionalism and skill of the team was incredible. They worked tirelessly and meticulously the first day to get as much done as possible given the forecast for rain the following afternoon. They brought a trailer for the garbage that was removed daily, handled all the permits and even brought their own bathroom. The team was pleasant, helpful and left my yard immaculate. The owner Klaus was onsite often and checked in with myself and the crew regularly. I could not imagine a better experience. They were so good in fact, my neighbor had them come and do his roof the next day! If you need a new roof or a new roof repair call these guys immediately.
    Amanda D.
    West Hartford, CT
  • "Excellent job and clean up." Read Full Testimonial

    Bernard W. of Rocky Hill, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Ranch house roof. Done on time as promised and at cost estimated. In and out in 2 days. Excellent job and clean up. Very pleased.
    Bernard W.
    Rocky Hill, CT
  • "I will recommend Klaus Larsen to my friends and family without hesitation." Read Full Testimonial

    Susan M. of Newington, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I first received a letter from my neighbor that he was considering using Klaus Larsen to install a new roof. He had done his homework and received several quotes from different contractors. My neighbor reached out to several neighbors and because of the number of people impressed with previous work done in the neighborhood, 13 neighbors signed on this year and received a group discount. The letter described the differences between Klaus Larsen and other companies. Also a detailed list of what is included in the quote. The salesman, Jeremy followed up with a visit to my house to see if I was interested. We then set up an appointment. Jeremy was on time, polite, professional and extremely patient. He answered all of my questions. I followed up several times by texting Jeremy with more questions and a change to my date for installation. He was quick to respond. A large crew showed up early in the morning and the roof was installed by the time I got home from work. They left the yard clean and had even brought their own toilet. They promised a $1 for any nails found in the yard. So far no nails. My house is a two story, 3 bedroom colonial with 2 small dormers and one large dormer. The total cost was $6810. Klaus Larsen the owner came the next day to run my charge card and was genuinely interested in how I felt about the process and the roof. This was a major decision on my side since I have limited funds with a son being in college. To top that I am a single woman and have often had service companies or repair companies take advantage by upcharging after a quote was given and half way through a project with no way out. I was extremely nervous about trusting another contractor. I want to assure others in my situation or similar situation to not worry and feel confident about trusting this company. I will recommend Klaus Larsen to my friends and family without hesitation.
    Susan M.
    Newington, CT
  • "Klaus and his staff were very responsive and easy to deal with. I was satisfied with the work performed by..." Read Full Testimonial

    Bao L. of Newington, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Klaus and his staff were very responsive and easy to deal with. I first contacted Jeremy for a quote and he came by and gave me a good overall review of my roof. He then sent me a written quote ontime for my review a couple days later. I had some follow up with him for further details of the work and material. i was busy with work toward year end and was planning to postpone the work till next year. Klaus then contacted me and after some negotiation, I decided to have the roof done on 11/25. I wasn't home at the time, but was told the work was done within a day. They cleaned up the area well and the new roof looks nice. I wish I had more color choices at the time, but the one I choose was looking good too, but I might have a better color if I had more choices. I then received my warranty paper in the mail in about 2 weeks, and Klaus told me to keep it and call him any time if I had any issues with the roof. Overall I was satisfied with the work performed by Klaus and his company.
    Bao L.
    Newington, CT
  • "The roof is still great, a year later." Read Full Testimonial

    Mike P. of Newington, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I was very satisfied. They were very timely and I was treated well, so that was relief. The roof is still great, a year later.
    Mike P.
    Newington, CT
  • "I had a gut feeling and did not pursue other bids." Read Full Testimonial

    Charles W. of Newington , CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Klaus made a presentation that convinced me that he and his company were going to do an excellent job. I had a gut feeling and did not pursue other bids.
    Charles W.
    Newington , CT
  • "Couldn't have selected a better contractor." Read Full Testimonial

    Tina Y. of Simsbury, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              They were very customer oriented, polite and neat. The entire crew was excellent from owner to worker. Couldn't have selected a better contractor to perform the work. Would recommend them highly.
    Tina Y.
    Simsbury, CT

Roof replacement is often cost-effective

Not sure if roof replacement is right for you? While a roof replacement is not always the best option for small damage, it is almost always the most cost-effective option for major damage. A replacement roof is a new shot at safety and stability for your home, and apart from the intervention of natural disasters, it will last for years to come.

Additionally, a replacement roof will add value to your home, which is important if you wish to sell. You'll receive a return on your investment, yet another reason why a new roof may be the more affordable option in the long run.

The right materials make all the difference

Roofs come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Klaus Larsen LLC is skilled at creating roofs from a wide variety of materials that each offer different benefits to a homeowner. Our types of roofing include:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Wood Shingles
  • Rubber Roof
  • Metal Roof
  • Flat Roof

Klaus Larsen LLC can solve all your roof replacement needs

Whether a storm or an attempt to sell your home has caused your need for a new roof, Klaus Larsen LLC has the skills and materials you need to create an attractive, effective replacement roof. There's no reason to live in an unsafe home any longer. Schedule a free estimate for roof replacement in Glastonbury, Manchester, West Hartford today!

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