Having a leak problem in your house? Need to identify a spot that may be a leak coming from your ceiling? Well, look no further and read on.

Thursday, January 20th, 2022

Have You Checked On The Condition Of Your Roof?

Dirt cheap isn't always the easy way, sometimes you're asking for a whole world of hurt instead. Don't let the "cheap" reel you in. Shop right and get you and your family...

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

What should you be looking out for when it comes to your greatest investment? Read on to see what Klaus Larsen Roofing recommend.

Thursday, December 9th, 2021

Your roof is a significant visible part of your home. You don't want to be unhappy with the look of your new roof replacement. Read on to find out how to make your new ro...

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Read on to learn the small warning signs you should keep an eye out for to protect your greatest investment.

Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Why getting your roof checked out is important and how putting off an annual inspection could do more harm than good.

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Why finding the right shingles and contractor is crucial for your roofs long-term quality and durability.

Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Learn how we change the game for roofing and weathering the storms for winter.

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Why being prepared for the rainy weather can help your home in the long run.

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Fixing roofing is expensive and a lot of work to find someone you trust. This blog will give you all the reasons as to why you should get the job done right, the first ti...

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Why Gutter Shutter Is Everyone's Favorite Gutter

Explanation of why homeowners choose Gutter Shutter before anything!

Friday, September 24th, 2021

Gutter Shutter With Klaus Larsen Roofing and why it is important to take care of your gutters.

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

Roofs are something that many people disregard, make sure you don't make the same mistakes by knowing the signs. Although your roof may "look" okay from the ground, you m...

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

Reviving a Church with 3 Layers of Roofing!

St. Andrew's Church in Colchester was having leaks in their metal roofing and was tired of the continuous roof maintenance. They saw us doing some residential roofing wor...

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Even The Smallest Roofing Problems

This homeowner initially called to get his roof inspected after noticing some leaking. His insurance company believed it was a simple issue with flashing around the vent ...

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

What You Need to Know about Your Attic and Squirrels

We often think of squirrels as harmless little critters that scurry away the second they hear a leaf rustle. But what do we do when we hear them rustling in our attic?

Friday, March 5th, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Your Roof and Snow

Snow. You may wonder if it causes strain on your roof, is it dangerous, does it act as a good insulator, and so on. We are here to answer your questions and leave you fee...

Thursday, February 25th, 2021

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