The Impact of a Backpack Donation

North Windham, August. 2, 2022 - Klaus Larsen Roofing made a large donation to the local Sweeney Elementary School. 


Klaus Larsen Roofing makes an effort to donate quaterly throughout the year in effort, to giveback to the community. This Summer, the goal was to contribute to the Elementary aged children who were in need of school supplies. As kids are gearing up for the next school year, Klaus Larsen Roofing knew it was important for all children in need to have access to backpacks, rulers, erasers, pencils, folders, scissors, craft supplies, and much more to ensure they had the right tools in their pockets to succeed and learn. Not every family is able to afford the right tools and/or supplies for their children to complete homework assignments and other educational necessities. 


The Impact of a Backpack Donation - Image 1


As roofers, we know that we need the right tools to get the job done right, so it only made sense for us to pass the same necessities to this generation that needs them. Many children are left to figure out their supplies on their own and schools can’t cover the supply cost of each child. Klaus Larsen Roofing knows the importance of donating to help mitigate those financial burdens, so school institutions can focus on educating children. 


Klaus Larsen Roofing was pleased to make a difference in the community, once again! As the past year has presented many challenges, Klaus Larsen Roofing continues to show support, while coming together as a team. “It curates a positive atmosphere not only within our team, but out in the community as well and we enjoy helping wherever we can!” said CEO Klaus Larsen. 


The Impact of a Backpack Donation - Image 2