Roofing Basics - Klaus Larsen Roofing

Thursday, April 28th, 2022 by Alexis Smith

When Klaus Larsen Roofing crew prepares to take off your old shingles, we make sure to lay down sturdy tarps to catch any fallout. Our team of experts take the shingles off with an asphalt shingle remover tool. We then, use a leaf blower to ensure your gutters are kept clean through and clog free. Next, our on-site, Project Manager, inspects all the outer layers of the plywood to ensure the Sales Inspectors did their job inspecting the bottom portion at the time of estimate. Once the Project Manager has inspected the de-shingled roof, he will replace the ones that are not fit to hold up a roof. 


The process for the underlayment, which gets placed on top of the plywood, is a very important step. Picking the right material, and making sure it fits in the right spots, will ensure your roof lasts for a very long time. This is where Klaus Larsen Roofing is the best, we have our 50-year warranty to prove to our customers that not only is this process so detailed and carefully thought out, but we use quality materials. The customer is at the forefront of our minds through this entire install. We strive to be the best roofers and show you this through and through. 


After our underlayment, water, and ice, is carefully put down, we use our special Klaus Larsen Roofing sealant that protects your plywood much better than any other roofer. Using our starter strip, we begin to roof the home with the customers' chosen colored and shingle type. After we have shingled the entire roof and sealed the ridges we do a final detailed look on the roof and around the property. 


Although this was a fast explanation of how we roof homes, we wanted to share the basics, so that anyone could understand the roofing process and ask questions. If you’re looking for your roof to be replaced, call Klaus Larsen Roofing at 1-860-563-7661 for a free estimate today. Don’t forget to ask about our 50-year warranty included in every full-roof replacement! Have a great day and put a Klaus on your House!