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Roof Replacement Customer Testimonial from Pam & Richard A. in Killingworth, CT

My husband and I realized that we needed to have our roof redone. I got a recommendation of a roofing company from a friend. I called that company, and the gentleman I spoke to said he would be out that afternoon to give us an estimate. We waited all day, but he never showed up. As a matter of fact, he never even bothered to call us to tell us that he wasn't coming. Some time later I was watching television very early in the morning, and there was an advertisement for Klaus Larsen Roofing. Once I saw this advertisement I immediately got a good feeling about this company.

I called the number right away. I didn't expect anyone to be in the office that early, yet someone picked up the phone – a very nice lady who took all our information. And sure enough, later on that morning, Head of Sales called us up and made an appointment to come out to the house, examine the roof and give us an estimate. And this man did show up, on time.

With the roof that we had, the house was basically all redone about 25 years ago, and it was already falling apart. So when we decided to get a new roof, the fact that this one was guaranteed for fifty years certainly looked nice after the first one didn't make it. They got the whole thing done in one day, which totally blew my mind, considering all of the square footage we were dealing with. But they got here right in the morning, just went after it, and knocked it out in a day. They put in the new skylights...which are very nice. They were absolutely pleasant to work with. It was actually an amazing performance. We just kind of sat and watched it, it was great.

The cleanup was fantastic. They were in and out of here in one day and you couldn't even tell they had been here and done this huge job. Everything was immaculate when they left.  

- Pam & Richard A. of Killingworth, CT
Tuesday, June 7th

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