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Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation Near New London, Bloomfield, Granby

It's understandable that roof ventilation is often overlooked, as most people are simply worried about their roof keeping their home dry. However, a well-ventilated roof can make life easier and better for those living beneath it. Proper roof and attic ventilation can lower heating and cooling costs, improve interior comfort, and grant longer life to roof shingles.

In the summertime, a properly ventilated roof allows hot air in the attic to escape, reducing the demand on your air conditioning system. In the winter, ventilation combines with good attic insulation to keep the roof surface cold, so that snow won't melt on the roof surface and then freeze to form ice dams along the eaves.

Klaus Larsen LLC installs and repairs ridge vents and other types of roof vents. We are Eastern Connecticut & Rhode Island's expert roofing contractors for roofing solutions that include roof replacement and more. Contact us for a free quote for ridge vent installation in Granby, Bloomfield, New London and throughout Connecticut & Rhode Island.


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There are different types of roof vents, and different strategies for achieving effective roof ventilation. Here's a brief overview:

Types of Roof Vents

Ridge vents
Ridge Vents

Not always easy to see, the openings for a ridge vent are the continuous space on either side of the ridge cap

Installed along the roof peak, ridge vents are probably the most important vents in any "passive" (non-electric) roof ventilation system. Hot air that accumulates inside the attic rises by convection and escapes outside through ridge vents.

As hot air escapes, fresh outside air is drawn into the attic through soffit vents (see below).

On an asphalt shingle roof, ridge vents are usually covered by a layer of shingles. The warmest air in the attic rises naturally to the roof peak and escapes outside through the ridge vents.

Soffit vents
Soffit Vents

Soffit vents may run continuously under eaves. Rectangular or circular vents may be installed in soffits where a continuous strip-type vent was omitted.

Soffit vents run parallel to the eaves along the soffit. These vents work with ridge and gable vents to promote good roof ventilation.

Installed along the eaves of the roof, these vents are usually in the form of grilles that run the length of each soffit.

By admitting outside air into the attic as warmer air leaves the attic through higher vents, soffit vents play a major role in effective roof ventilation.

Gable-end vents
Gable-End Vents

If attic airflow is insufficient, your roofer may recommend a gable end vent such as the one shown.

Installed near the peak of a gable end, this screened vent can allow hot air to leave the attic or fresh air to enter, depending on prevailing breezes and temperature conditions.

See below for more ventilation products recommended by Klaus Larsen LLC


DCI Products has been on the cutting edge of building product innovation for over 25 years. DCI is committed to designing, developing, and manufacturing the highest quality products to provide energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, easy installation, and durability.


The SmartVent from DCI is a very unique product, providing a tapered, under-shingle attic ventilation system that is highly functional in any weather. Once installed, intake and exhaust occurs within the actual shingle, so it can be used mid-roof, off-wall, shed-wall, off-peak, and on eaves, dormers and valleys. If your home has no soffit overhang, then SmartVent is a perfect solution.

SmartVent can also work in conjunction with pre-existing soffit ventilation to provide optimal results. This is a versatile solution to balancing the air flow of your roof and making your home energy efficient in the long term.

Add roof vents to ensure a long-lasting roof over your head

The specialists at Klaus Larsen LLC can help you choose the right type of roof vents for your home to help you gain a properly-balanced attic ventilation system.

Get a Free Estimate to repair or install roof vents and improve your attic ventilation. Our professional roofing services are available throughout Eastern Connecticut & Rhode Island, including Granby, Bloomfield, New London and nearby. Call us at 1-844-640-9774 or get an online estimate for all of your roofing needs.

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