What is Ventilation?

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 by Kevin Marr

What is Attic Ventilation: and why is it important?

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When it is time to replace your roof it is important to make sure the new roof will last. Ventilation is one of the most important things you can do, along with replacing the shingle, to protect your home. Ventilation has many benefits: 

First, Heat rising from you living area combined with the direct heat of the sun can wear on the shingles and cause them lose granules and can cause the roof to fail sooner. Ventilating your attic cools the house and the roof, helping the shingles to last longer. 

Venting will also help with cooling costs. By removing the hot air out of the attic makes the Air Condition unit more efficient because is has less air that it needs to cool down.  

Venting removes moisture from the attic. All the moisture in the air can cause mold growth in the attic. Venting the air out help prevent moisture settling and thus keeps mold from growing. 

Lastly, Ventilation helps prevent Ice Dams from forming. ice dams are caused by the heat in your house during the winter. the heat rises into the attic and warms the snow sitting on the roof. The snow begins to melt and roll down the roof. Once the water reaches the edge of the roof, it is now away from the heat in the house and so refreezes. Then more water comes down after it and also freezes. The process repeats itself until you have a large build up of ice sitting in your valleys and gutter. 

Venting the attic will remove that warm air out of the attic before it reaches the shingles. With less heat reaching the roof, less snow will melt and form ice dams. 


What are my venting options?

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Have a ridge vent installed. A ridge vent is a great way to remove hot air from the attic. However, there needs to be a way for cooler air to enter. 

 To let cooler air in you need intake vents. A soffit vent is the most common way to let air in. If you do not have soffits, we can install a Smart Vent. a smart vent does the same job as a soffit vent. The only difference between the two is that Smart Vents are installed 6” above the gutters instead of in the overhang.

 Lastly, we can also install a Vented Deck. This is a way of building a venting system on top of the existing roof deck. you can learn more about Vented Decks by watching this video which shows a vented deck installation in Old Saybrook or you can ask us when you get your free estimate. 

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