Sweep the Snow Away: Snow Clearing is Important

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 by Brittney Vail

Sweep the Snow Away:

Snow Clearing is Important

Sweep the Snow Away Snow Clearing is Important - Image 1

As nice as snow looks on the ground, we sometimes forget about the snow that has accumulated on our roofs. If we can’t see it, we are more than likely to forget about it. If you inspect your home and see damaged gutters or doors begin to stick, it may be time to remove the snow from your roof.

Ice dams happen when ice forms at the edge of a roof and prevents snow from melting. When melted snow refreezes, this can create an ice dam near the eaves, which is the coldest part of the roof. An ice dam can lead to water back- up underneath shingles which can work its way into the interior of your home. Removing snow from every roof, window, or solar panel can decrease the risk of an ice dam forming.

Older roofs are more prone to damages. Snow and ice build-up may exceed the capacity of what your roof can handle. A caved in or cracking drywall can lead to more serious repairs in the future. Many homeowners focus on reducing the heat that escapes into the attic. This can work if the upper roof deck is warm enough for snow to melt. We offer other ways to  protect your home from accumulating snow.

Our roof de-icing options are two great methods that will 
make braving the winter a little easier.

1. Vented Roof Decking
A furring strip is installed in between the sheathing. This creates a “chimney effect” where the air is drawn up from the soffit and expelled out of the ridge vent. Having moving air under the shingles helps maintain the temperature inside and outside of your home, which prevents moisture from freezing.

2. Steam Machine
A steamer is a very efficient way to remove ice dams. There will be no damage to shingles or surrounding areas because of a steamer. Steaming is great for avoiding water runoff which can damage plants and sink into the soil.
We offer free estimates on all of our services and if you think the winter has done you in, give us a call! We are all about safety for our customers. Removing ice dams without supervision and the proper equipment is not only life threatening but also a hazard to your roof. Some equipment, if not used properly, can do more damage than good. Just put it into our hands!

Snow removal is not only important for your roof but anyone that comes near your home. Be aware of your surroundings and always put safety first. Enjoying the snow is what a Winter should be like, so make an appointment with Klaus Larsen today! Give us a call at 1-860-563-7661.