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Klaus Larsen LLC Case Studies: Roof Replacement and Chimney Siding in Prospect, CT

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 by Travis Dahlke


 This was a home with stunning, modern architecture, in Prospect, CT. Everything from the lawn to the light fixtures looked great, with the roof being the only area in disrepair. The original shingles were losing their grip, which was inviting moisture in. The flashing, siding and chimney were in need of an overhaul, as well. The fact that this home was adorned with several skylights also made it more vulnerable to leakage.



After removing the old roof, we put down some waterproof underlayment. This also included new flashing tyvek for ice and water around the chimney area. A custom water channel roof line diverter was installed as well as new siding around the gables and chimney. Your chimney is highly susceptible to damage from the elements, so it can be vital to give it that extra layer of protection.The flashing around the chimney is the most important aspect, so we made sure it was tight and secure. Installing a matching shed roof as well as new skylights were the final touches on a project that we are very proud to put the Klaus Larsen name on.


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