Case Studies

Klaus Larsen LLC Case Studies: New Roof and Gutters in Newington, CT

Saturday, June 11th, 2016 by Travis Dahlke


This gutters of this property were the first issue we had to investigate and resolve. The original gutters just weren't doing the job, and were negatively affecting the health of this home. Gutters are a basement's best friend, as they keep water away from the foundation of the house. When it rains, you really don't want your roof to be the source of a waterfall, no matter how breathtaking it may look. Gutters will help from getting unnecessary rot on your fascia boards, and will also inhibit water from lingering on your roof. A roof system works best when all components are in working order.


A roof replacement is an optimum time for replacing facets of your home such as skylights, vents and gutters. This job required two layers of tear off, an asphalt layer and a cedar shakes layer. Once the old layers were removed, a completely new 1/2” CDX plywood deck over the already existing structural framing. We don't believe in 'band-aids' or temporary fixes, as these will lead to spending way more money than is necessary. ProArmour Shield comes next. The underlayment we use is extremely durable, and specially designed for use under asphalt shingles. Shown here are Summer Harvest shingles with 5” aluminum seamless gutters & downspouts.