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Klaus Larsen LLC Case Studies: The Santa Klaus Project: Donating a Roof in Cheshire, CT

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 by Travis Dahlke


The objective of the Santa Klaus Project is to provide a free roof to a household in need. Our first official Santa Klaus Project donation went to SFC Dave Colafati and his family in Cheshire, CT. Dave was returning from a third tour in the Middle East to Connecticut and a home that was in dire need of a roof replacement. The Colafati's had experienced a great deal of leaking and were using buckets to collect rainwater around their house. They also endured some very harsh winters, with ice dams so bad that they were unable walk out of their front door, due to hazardous ice melt and accumulation.



Project Coordination Jeremy Minter visited the Colafatis, to make an extensive diagnosis of their roof and determine what needed to be done in order to resolve their roofing problems once and for all. Upon inspection, we found 25 sheets of plywood that needed to be replaced, which were causing a less than stable roof surface. In the attic, there wasn't nearly enough ventilation, which had been contributing to their ongoing issues with ice dams. As part of this project, we added a ridge vent along the top for exhaust, as well as ventilation along the eaves at the underside of the roof for air intake. This has given the home a full range of breathability. Having better airflow in the attic is really going to extend the lifetime of this roof. To commemorate this very special job, we held a Homecoming BBQ for the Colafati's to welcome Dave back home.

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