Case Studies

Klaus Larsen LLC Case Studies: Roof & Gutter Replacement in Unionville, CT

Friday, December 30th, 2016 by Travis Dahlke


This Unionville, CT home had a roof that was in very poor condition, which was exhibiting clusters of lichen, extensive algae streaking and spots with missing shingles. It was imperative that this replacement be completed before further water damage was done, as mold and expensive structural damage can result from a prolonged replacement. Even during a period of no precipitation, dried out mold is very hazardous to breath. Fortunately, we are able to roof in all seasons, including winter, and it was not an issue to take care of this home in the midst of colder weather.


We began by tearing off two layers of old shingles. If there is any snow or ice on a roof, we can actually scrape it off along with the old materials. A dumpster is provided at every job, so that the yard is left immaculate. With the decking exposed, we replaced any pieces that had become rotted, with more enduring CDX plywood. Three rows of Ice & Water shield was added to all eaves, as well as the back porch. To further cover the deck, we installed ProArmorShield Synthetic Underlayment, underneath True Def Duration shingles, in Slatestone. The final touch was installing 5” Aluminum Seamless Gutters with down spouts, for best water diversion.