Klaus Larsen is CT and RI's Premier Shoreline Roofer

Saturday, August 27th, 2016 by Travis Dahlke


CT Shoreline Roofer

We have always considered ourselves lucky to be a Connecticut and Rhode Island-based roofing company. In states with such a rich history, there is an honor in helping to preserve and restore so much old-world architecture. We also get the best of all four seasons and aren't hit with major tornadoes, tropical hurricane's or earthquakes. What we do have is snow. One major challenge of roofing in New England is protecting homes from winter weather and reversing the damage that ice dams and heavy snow can incur. The other challenge we have is strategically roofing homes that are built near the coast, where higher winds and stormy weather act to deteriorate roofs faster than on inland houses. 

With the possibility of hurricane strength gusts, your roof has to be able to withstand consistent wind, sun, and salinity without the need for needless repairs or replacements. With the right preparedness, a roof installed on the outermost coast of Old Saybrook can last just as long as one in a West Hartford suburb.

Coastal CT Roofer - Old Saybrook

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Ice & Water Shield – The first layer of protection. We use this synthetic form of underlayment on ALL of our jobs. This membrane stretches over the decking (very bottom of roof, or top of attic) to establish a watertight seal. 

Flashing is among the most frequent causes of leaking. We ensure that every space created by a vent, skylight, or chimney is completely impenetrable. Our flashing material of choice is lead.

Nails -  Stainless or galvanized steel nails are recommended to resist corrosion from salty air and water.  Other types may rust and cause shingles to peel prematurely.

Insulation & Ventilation – Without the shade of trees, there is merciless sunlight bearing down on your roof. You want to be able to cool off inside your home, without feeling the outside humidity. Blown-in attic insulation is very effective for this. We also offer a wide array of ventilation systems, including solar-powered attic fans, which go easy on your monthly electric bill.  

Shingles – Asphalt is our top recommendation, for durability and price. We offer several colors of asphalt that can achieve the wooden shake aesthetic while giving your home a more durable top layer. Some historic homes must be restored with adherence to certain codes. When it comes to this type of job, we have a great deal of experience installing shakes that will maintain historic integrity while protecting the rest of the structure. Metal roofing is the most environmentally friendly and durable but is more costly than asphalt.

The most valuable asset to a Klaus Larsen roof is IKO's Nordic Performance shingles. These shingles are rated for wind resistance up to 130 mph, which was unheard of until recently. When stormy weather hits the coast, these shingles offer total peace of mind and will ensure that your roof will keep you dry.  

There are wonderful views to soak in year-round, so build your home by the sea! Klaus Larsen has your roof covered now and in the long run, with the best warranty in the industry. We serve the length of the Connecticut and Rhode Island coast, having finished roofs in several communities and can't wait to serve you! Schedule a FREE ESTIMATE today!