Why and When Should I Get a Roof Repair?

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 by Kevin Marr

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement CT & RI

Leaking is THE Biggest Reason

As a Roofing contractor, the most common questions we get are "Can you fit it?" and "Can you just repair it?" If repairing the roof is cheaper, why would you replace the roof just because of one leak? Many times we can repair a leaking roof, however, there are several critical reasons why a repair is impractical or could even cost you more.

Multiple Repairs

If your 20-25 yr old roof starts leaking in one spot, it may begin leaking in a year or two. You may end up paying for multiple repairs and still not have a waterproof roof. A full roof replacement will not only stop the leaks but deal with any underlying issues that may be going on. 

Another thing to note is repair should be done by sections. Patching a roof and trying to weave old and new shingles together will not keep water out. The water will travel in the seam between the old and new shingles. So when we do a repair, we will do half a roof or a small separate roof surface. When we do a repair, we tear off the roof until we reach a ridge or where the shingles end. This way, we can get new shingles on the entire leaking area and install ice & water barriers. We install nine feet of ice and water barriers up the roof to protect the decking and attic from leaks and ice dam damage. 

Repair or Replacement?

Homeowners should seriously consider whether repair or replacement is the best option for them. Repair, which might extend the life of your roof, or replacement which will prevent further headaches down the road. Many homeowners have told us that they want the roof fixed and don’t want to worry about it again. We feel the same way, so when you decided to replace your roof Klaus Larsen offers a 50-warranty and 25 years workmanship coverage. Whether repair or replacement Klaus Larsen is here to serve you from Central and Eastern Connecticut, all the way to Rhode Island. Schedule your FREE ESTIMATE with us today!

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