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Klaus Larsen LLC Case Studies: New Roof and Decking in West Haven, CT

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 by Travis Dahlke


The roof on this Colonial home in West Haven, CT had ongoing leaking, with wind driven rain getting in under the shingles and damaging the wood of the deck and attic. There was also a lot of visual wear on the shingles, which had become curled and brittle. An unprotected, vulnerable deck can cause moisture to infiltrate insulation, which can lead to mold and mildew – a much harder problem to resolve. When damp plywood dries, it is also very ineffective at holding nails and will unfortunately expedite the failure of a roof, which had occurred here.


We removed and recycled one layer of old roofing, with two layers on the front porch. Our recycled shingles go to a processing plant in Stratford, CT where they are repurposed into asphalt for roads. All damaged plywood was replaced with brand new CDX plywood, and we replaced the flashing on one small chimney. While installing an aluminum drip edge, we made a repair to the soffit area. Now that this roof has a dry, well ventilated base for its shingles, this home will have beyond adequate protection for years to come.

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