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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Better Roof Ventilation in Bristol, CT

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 by Kevin Marr


These homeowners in Bristol, CT were experiencing two problems. Their roof was old and in need of replacement and they had no attic ventilation. The problem with a lack of ventilation in the attic, is that when warm moist air rises from the living area, it settles in the attic. If there is no moving air to take away the moisture, it will stay and condensate on the roof deck and cause moldy or even rotting plywood. 


New vents were installed onto the roof after the old shingles were torn off. The ridge vent was installed on the peak to allow the air to leave the attic. Then a two-inch long slit was cut all the way across the roof on both sides just above the gutter. Then the new Smart Vent was installed into the slit to allow cold dry air to enter the attic from the outside. Another benefit of ventilation is that it reduces ice dams by cooling the attic temperature to be closer to that of the outside. Now the owners can enjoy a ventilated roof that will last longer because of this upgrade.

Project Summary

Estimator: Steve Ohlund

Production Manager: John Shultz

Ventilation: Smart vent and Ridge vent

Shingles: Owens Corning Duration

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