Case Studies

Klaus Larsen LLC Case Studies: Architectural Shingles Improvement on a Home in East Hartford, CT

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 by Travis Dahlke


We collected a wealth of data on this project when we first visited the home. The roof on this East Hartford house was simply failing from old age. It had very bad leaking and subsequent water damage, most notably on the rear of the property. There were some smaller repairs that had been patched up with tar in various crevices, including the chimney flashing. During our estimate process, we found that this was truly a roof that was coming apart at the seams and was in need of a total restoration.  


In the roofing industry, there has been a steady shift from 3-tab to Architectural shingles. 3-tab shingles lay side by side and do not have that three dimensional, layered look of Architectural shingles, which are more dependable and yield a longer warranty. Architectural shingles also raise a home's value, given that they are installed properly by a licensed professional.

After taring off these dated materials, we had to do some structural repair by replacing the rotted rafter of the dormer with CDX plywood, a durable form of sheathing used specifically for roofing. The finished product you see hear are True Def Duration Sierra Gray shingles from Owens Corning. Klaus Larsen only works with high quality materials, so that you won't need any subsequent repair work down the road. This project turned out great. A neighbor was so impressed, that we ended up roofing their house right across the street!