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Hebron Roofer to Donate Roof to WWII Veteran for 2nd Official Santa Klaus Project

Decorated Westport WWII veteran honored by Scandinavian immigrant roofer and local residents as badly needed new roof goes over his head.

For Klaus Larsen, the Second World War has come full circle in his life. When the Nazis occupied his home country of Denmark in April 1940, life for his family was forever changed. They lived under Nazi rule until the end of the war in 1945, and now, as Klaus puts it, “American Independence Day, the Fourth of July, is celebrated in Denmark with enthusiasm that rivals celebrations in the US.”. 

Little did Klaus’ family know then that a man named Clayton Chalfant was fighting his way across France and Belgium to help liberate Europe and ultimately Denmark from the Nazis. Though Klaus recently lost his father in December of 2015, his spirit is very much alive, as he puts a much needed roof on this decorated veteran’s home. This project is dedicated to all those who fought and sacrificed for the freedom that both Danish and American citizens enjoy today. 

It’s the second veteran he has helped through his Santa Klaus Project this year, with the goal of helping many more deserving veterans and civilians alike with roof repair and replacement and other home improvements that are needed but out of reach for them. 

Klaus came to the United States in the 90’s with $300 in his pocket, and built his namesake brand, Klaus Larsen LLC with the goal of being much more than a roofing company. It is about social and environmental responsibility as much as the economic bottom line. “I’m living in a free country that allows me... to succeed. And this freedom comes at a price.” says Klaus. That price couldn’t be more personal for him, and giving back to those who sacrificed for this freedom is truly an honor. 

Clayton Chalfant is now 92 years old, and not only is it time to give him a new roof. It’s also time for us to honor him and his service. On November 12, 2016, Veterans Day weekend, the Westport Fire Department and Veterans of Foreign Wars will be on hand to support Klaus Larsen LLC in stripping and re-shingling Clayton’s home by telling everyone who stops by about what he means to his hometown and country. This project also honors the legacy of Klaus’ father and uncle, and all who have fought and continue to fight and sacrifice for freedom. 

As Clayton‘s granddaughter Christine recently put it, “My family is so excited and grateful for this project to help my grandparents. I was able to FaceTime with my grandfather last night to tell him the wonderful news and the smile across his face was priceless; for once he was actually speechless! Many happy tears were shed last night from everyone!”. 

Klaus Larsen, an immigrant from Denmark who founded a successful roofing company in Hebron, CT, has a goal of giving back to the country and community that allowed this success by donating one roof a month to a deserving local family. 

For information about the Santa Klaus Project, please visit santaklausproject.org. 

Klingberg Family Centers go to www.klingbergfamilycenters.org

Klaus Larsen is a Hebron, CT based roofer serving all of Connecticut. For more information, visit klauslarsen.com.

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