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Donating a Roof to a Veteran in West Hartford, CT

On April 17th, 2018 Klaus Larsen will be donating a full roof replacement to a Veteran in West Hartford, CT. We are excited to bring back the "Santa Klaus" project that we have done in years past.

For Klaus Larsen, the United States military holds a special place in his heart. When the Nazis occupied his home country of Denmark in April 1940, life for his family was forever changed. They lived under Nazi rule until the end of the war in 1945, and now, as Klaus puts it, “American Independence Day, the Fourth of July, is celebrated in Denmark with enthusiasm that rivals celebrations in the US.” 

It’s the third veteran he has helped through his Santa Klaus Project, with the goal of helping many more deserving veterans and civilians alike with roof repair and replacement and other home improvements that are needed but out of reach for them. 

Klaus came to the United States in the ’90s with $300 in his pocket and built his namesake brand, Klaus Larsen LLC, with the goal of being much more than a roofing company. It is about social and environmental responsibility as much as the economic bottom line. “I’m living in a free country that allows me... to succeed. And this freedom comes at a price,” says Klaus. That price couldn’t be more personal for him, and giving back to those who sacrificed for this freedom is truly an honor. 

Brian Flanagan is the veteran to whom we are donating this full roof replacement to. Before and after graduating from Cheshire High School in 1998, Brian Flannigan had his heart set on joining the military. He joined the Connecticut Army National Guard in 1999.

Now a family-oriented man, Brian and his wife Chelsea, two-year-old son Jack, and 11-month old Hunter, moved into their West Hartford home in December of 2017. Brian noted that 2017 was the hardest year of his life. After moving and changing jobs, he found it hard to stay positive. Asbestos was found in the home after cleaning the air ducts. The money set aside by Brian and Chelsea had to be used for asbestos removal and the roof would have to come later.

The solar company Brian works for, Sunrun, is based out of Hartford, CT. While working there, he met Vietnam veteran Ron Catania. After Brian and Ron began talking, Ron hinted that he had a solution for Brian’s failing roof. That’s when Klaus Larsen was contacted by Klingberg Family Centers, located in New Britain. Klingberg was able to connect Klaus with Brian and his family. On the morning of the installation, Brian was still in shock that it was all happening. His appreciation for what was being done for him was shown through wide eyes and smiles all around.

Beginning at 7:30 in the morning on Tuesday, April 17, a crew of five roofers from Klaus Larsen began to strip and install the Flannigan family’s new roof. After about five hours of work, the crew was done and the new roof was installed.

Donating a roof to a veteran is something that is very near and dear to Klaus Larsen. Being from Denmark, his father was part of the Danish Resistance during WWII. He feels that he owes his freedom to America for helping out Denmark during a time of need.

The team at Klaus Larsen not only donated the roof but teamed up with West Hartford restaurant Luna Pizza, who donated pizza to feed the crew and Brian’s family. The amount of love and support throughout this whole project has been an uplifting feeling. Not only does it feel great to give back but it is wonderful to see how many people are supportive of the cause.

Klaus Larsen, an immigrant from Denmark who founded a successful roofing company in Hebron, CT, has a goal of giving back to the country and community that allowed this success by donating one roof to a deserving local veteran family. The donation of this roof was also made possible by Klingberg Family Centers, with whom Klaus works very closely with. They were able to find this Veteran for us to donate the roof too.

For more information on Klingberg Family Centers, go to www.klingbergfamilycenters.org.

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