Downspouts & Gutter Extensions

Gutter downspouts & extensions in Eastern Connecticut & Rhode Island

Gutter Downspouts

We install gutter downspouts to direct water away from your home's foundation in New Britain, Hartford, Newport, & nearby.

Extra protection against clogged gutters in Hartford, New Britain, Newport, & nearby

Gutter downspouts are key to preventing water damage and flooding in your home. Without efficient gutter downspouts, rain gutters won't operate to their full potential, causing costly damage to your foundation. Klaus Larsen LLC can help, with premium aluminum gutter downspouts and downspout extensions with a minimum discharge range of 10 ft!

Klaus Larsen LLC installs premium aluminum gutters, no-clog gutter covers, and the downspouts and extensions your property needs to keep water away from your foundation. Schedule your free Gutter Shutter estimate today in Newport, New Britain, Hartford, and nearby in Connecticut & Rhode Island.

What is a downspout?

Gutter downspouts are an attachment fixed to the bottom of your gutters to direct the flow of rainwater to the most appropriate location- away from your foundation! Downspouts may also be called downspout pipes, water pipes, or something else depending on your Connecticut & Rhode Island location.

Gutter Shutter downspouts are part of a patented system guaranteed to never clog or pull away from your home. Gutter Shutter downspouts are fully sealed to your gutters, and our downspout extensions offer a minimum discharge of 10 ft. away from your foundation! That's ten more feet of freedom and protection against downspout clogging and underground plumbing issues.

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Gutter Downspout Extensions

Our gutter downspout extensions have a minimum discharge range of 10 ft!

Gutter downspouts and gutter extensions protect your foundation, lawn, and roof from costly damage. Without a predetermined discharge location, the rainwater directed away from your roof could still end up in your basement or foundation. 

Gutter Shutter downspouts & downspout extensions prevent:

  • Foundation damage- If gutters aren't directed away from your home with downspouts, your home will show signs of foundation settlement, foundation cracks, sticking windows and doors, and other dangerous symptoms.
  • Poor indoor air quality- When moisture seeps into your basement or crawl space, the indoor air quality of your entire home is affected. Mold growth, musty smells, and other signs of lower indoor air quality occur.
  • Flooding & water damage- Gutter Shutter downspouts will help protect your basement and crawl space from flooding during heavy rain. This will save you money, time, and stress spent on costly water damage repairs.

Downspouts & downspout extension estimates in Newport & nearby

Klaus Larsen LLC offers free estimates for Gutter Shutter gutters, gutter covers, downspouts, and downspout extensions in New Britain, Hartford, Newport, Middletown, Bristol, Tolland, Glastonbury, East Hartford, Enfield, Triverton, and nearby in Connecticut & Rhode Island. Schedule your estimate today to learn more about the no-clog Gutter Shutter system.

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