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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Custom Skylight Installation in Plantsville, CT

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 by Kevin Marr


At this house in Plantsville, there were three skylights on the very top of the roof. However, the skylights sat on a low pitched dormer on the house. Whenever it rained, the water would run off slowly and seep into the old skylights. Another challenge was the skylights were customized for the dormer. The skylights were built on a raised frame that lifted the skylights above the roof line. 


The job solution came in two parts. First, New Velux skylights were ordered and installed to replace the old. However, regular skylight flashing wouldn't fit around the raised frames. So our installers made custom copper flashings to put around the skylights. At this time, the old roofing was replaced with new Mule-Hide flat roofing. The reason the roof was replaced with the skylights was to prevent water from seeping between the new flashing and old roof. If the old roofing isn't pulled up with the flashing replacement, water can seep between the flashing and the old roof and enter the house. With new roofing and new skylight flashing, the water will stay where it belongs; outside the home.

Project Summary

Production Manager: Kevin Strid

Flat Roofing: MuldeHide Modified Bitumen

Skylights: Velux

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